What are the Current Travel Guidelines in the UK?


If you’re planning on taking a holiday in 2022, it’s likely that the novel coronavirus will have a significant impact on your plans. While restrictions vary considerably from one area to another, most regions continue to have COVID travel rules in place. Here’s what you need to know about the guidelines that you’ll need to follow:

PCR Tests are No Longer Required

If you are traveling internationally, you will not need to take a PCR test prior to your departure. This change makes traveling outside of the UK much more convenient for holiday travelers during 2022. Despite the fact that this change may increase travel, the reason for it is actually that the transmission of omicron is rapid enough that it’s leading to testing shortages.

Travelers who aren’t considered fully vaccinated will need to take a PCR test before departure, and then they will need to be tested again on days two and eight after their return to the UK. Furthermore, travelers who have not been vaccinated will need to self-isolate for a period of ten days after returning to the UK.

Restrictions Still Apply for Travelers to Certain Countries

Unfortunately, due to continued transmission of the novel coronavirus, travelers from the UK are not permitted in some countries. Here are a few examples of places that travelers from the UK are currently not able to visit:

  • Australia
  • China
  • Thailand
  • Morocco
  • France

While the UK government does not restrict travel to these countries, these nations have closed their borders to UK travelers. In many other parts of the world, you will need to take a PCR test upon arrival.

The Definition of Fully Vaccinated May Change

Due to waning immunity, the definition of fully vaccinated is likely to change to include a booster dose in the near future. In fact, while the first two doses continue to provide strong protection against hospitalization and death, individuals who only received two doses have very little protection against infection with the omicron variant.

Travel is Expected to Increase in 2022

As restrictions become less strict, travel is likely to increase significantly in 2022. In fact, the fact that PCR tests are no longer required for vaccinated travelers may significantly increase international travel. Furthermore, it’s expected that travel will gradually increase during 2022 as restrictions are slowly eased. This is likely to be beneficial for holiday makers throughout the UK!

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