Stay safe over the Christmas period and book one of our fully licensed taxis


We know that the Christmas period is all about glitz and glamour. Whether you’re planning to go to a work Christmas party of visit family, you want to arrive safely and in style. Here are some compelling reasons why booking one of our fully licensed taxi is the best option.


Booking a taxi gives you the convenience of having a personal driver. That means you don’t have to worry about finding parking on a crowded city street or in a parking lot. You also end up saving so much time for the commute since unlike with public transportation, you won’t have to walk to the Christmas party venue or struggle finding a seat in the vehicle. Besides, you can party all you want without worrying about injury to yourself or to others since you won’t end up behind the wheel.

Professional Drivers

At A Taxis of Bristol, we employ professional and well experienced drivers to guarantee you a smooth ride during the festive season. Our drivers are conversant with all the routes and traffic patterns in the city. Therefore, riding with us gives you a sense of safety and reliability – not forgetting that our drivers are punctual to the minute.


We understand that you might have unique needs, and we tailor our services around them. For instance, if you’re travelling with a group of colleagues or family, you can opt for a minibus. Similarly, if you or anyone in your group has mobility challenges, you need not to worry since we have specialist disabled taxis, and our drivers are well trained for such situations.

Value for your Money

Taxi services are economic – especially when you think about the convenience. For instance, the taxi won’t make several stops along the way picking or dropping passengers. You can also book our services anytime you want and we’ll take you anywhere you want.


Let’s face it – Christmas and new year period is a merry season, and amid the excitement, you might want to call your friends and family to play catch-up. The last thing you want is worrying about someone looking over your shoulder as you go on with your business. But you don’t have to worry about that when you book our taxi services.

These are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy once you book us during the upcoming Christmas season. We look forward to partnering with you as you make merry.

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