Services provided by taxi companies you might not be aware of


Taxi companies are continuously looking for ways to attract new customers and ensure their existing ones stay happy. It can often mean offering services they were not previously aware of, such as electric cars. When taxi companies begin offering these services to their customers, they will likely be more competitive and offer more ways to get around town.

There are already many known taxi service companies like A Taxis of Bristol, and they are often good at what they do; however, some taxi services you may not be aware of include:

Minibus hire

Cheaper public transport for those who don’t have the money or the time to use a taxi service but don’t want to drive. Small groups can hire large enough coaches and large buses to hold a few passengers. They are often cheaper than hiring a car and provide a safe way for those people to travel.

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Transport for the Access to Work Scheme

This is a scheme to help people who need to travel long distances but have disabilities that prevent them from doing so in a typical fashion. They are often given a taxi service to pick them up and drop them off at their destination for free. This scheme is beneficial for both disabled people and those taxi services. The government scheme is for taxi firms who want to access public money to train their staff and improve the service at their depot or office.

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School runs and transport for local authorities

Most local councils run school bus services but often transport will be required for school children who may be looked after by social services. In London, if constituents do not use public transport and drive, then school vehicle fares are used to reduce congestion and air pollution.

Taxi companies have a responsibility to their customers as well as their community. For example, A Taxis of Bristol allows for easier access for disabled people via their wheelchair taxi service.

Airport transfers

Many companies can offer you an airport transfer service. It is worth considering using this service because many airports will not allow you to take your car in without parking restrictions. It can make it more difficult for the driver to find a parking place, and the passenger may have trouble getting parked correctly at their desired location.

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Mobility transport

It is often difficult for some people to get around their town by public transport, this is where a taxi or mobility Transport service can help. Several taxi companies might employ people with physical disabilities and not only take them somewhere they need to go but can also pick up groceries and other items they need.

Electric car hire

Electric cars have become more accessible to the public due to a lot of improvement, and they are much safer than the ones created in the past. Before, electric cars were not as effective, and people who used them had a hard time driving them. They are much easier to use and can be found in many different parts of town.

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Taxi services can be beneficial and convenient to use since they are produced with safety in mind. Many taxi companies will have cameras mounted within the vehicle and record your trip, so there is proof if anything happens during that time. You might want to consider getting these services if you want a safe way to travel around town.

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