Great Destinations to Fly to From Bristol Airport


Bristol Airport is a large airport connecting the UK to the world. The airport offers many direct and connecting flights to your preferred destination. Here are the destinations you can fly to from Bristol Airport.

Direct International Flights From Bristol

Bristol airport has various direct international flights to different destinations:


You can fly non-stop to these three destinations in Austria:

  • Salzburg and Innsbruck with Jet2 and easyJet
  • Vienna with Ryanair from March to October


This is a new route with direct flights to Sofia with Ryanair or easyJet.

Cape Verde

The non-stop flights are to Sal by TUI Airways from March to October.


Direct flights to Egypt are to two destinations with TUI Airways or easyJet:

  • Hurghada
  • Sharm el-Sheikh

This route starts in March and ends in October.


CancĂșn is the only destination in Mexico with non-stop flight from Bristol by TUI Airways. The route is open from March to October.


Marrakech is the only destination in Morocco with direct flights by TUI Airways. The route operates from March to October.


Orlando is USA’s destination with direct flights from Bristol. This is a new route beginning May to October 2022, with two flights per week.

Direct Domestic Flights Available From Bristol

Several airports in the UK have flights coming from Bristol airports. Loganair offers direct flights to Aberdeen. easyJet offers direct flights from Bristol to Inverness, Glasgow, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Belfast.

Connections for International Flights

There are no direct flights from Bristol to Japan, Southern America, the Caribbean, Southern Asia, China, Eastern Asia, South-Eastern Asia, Central Asia, Oceania or Canada.

If you’re travelling to these destinations, you may need to connect flights to other airports like Frankfurt and Amsterdam. For instance, you can connect via Amsterdam or Dublin if flying to Chicago or Boston.

You can also get daily connection flights via Amsterdam to Brussels. If flying to Buenos Aires or Cape Town, you can connect via Frankfurt or Amsterdam.

Bristol Airport Destination Offers

You can take advantage of offers to different destinations during specific seasons of the year. These offers can help you save a great deal. For instance, you can spend seven nights in Holiday village Aliathon in Paphos, Cyprus or Holiday Village Costa Del Sol Spain. This winter offer is for April 2022, and you’ll can save by booking with a travel company like TUI.

Bristol Airport offers multiple domestic and international direct and connecting flights.

Plan your trip ahead

You need to plan your trip early and book your ticket early to avoid higher costs.

If you are looking to avoid the headache of parking and the risk of delays with public transport then why not consider booking an airport transfer with A Taxis of Bristol. We offer one way and return options for those wishing to travel to Bristol airport as well as airport taxis from Bristol to all of the major UK airports such as Cardiff, Heathrow and Gatwick.

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