Top Things to see and do in Bristol in 2019


There are many things to do in Bristol no matter what time of year it is. Food, music, museums, and exploring the sites are available year round. Here are some upcoming events that shouldn’t be missed.

Bristol Sounds

This event happens soon after and is another festival that should not be missed. It’s going on from June 26th to the 30th. It is five days full of music during the summer. It will be located at the Harbourside Amphitheater with five big name groups playing. They have different genres of music including electronic, pop, Indie-rock, and others.

Bristol Swing Festival

This swing festival goes from April 19th through April 22nd of 2019. This is a four day event featuring swing dancing combined with a sort of circus act. There will be many big name bands performing at this event. They have competitions in the evening with a lot of different foods available.

Bristol Food Connection

This is a festival that happens close to mid-summer. There are over 100 events scattered throughout the city. Special food will be prepared and consumed for all partakers. This event will happen this year from the 12th to the 23rd.

Valley Fest

This event featuring family activities, food, music, organic food, and a lot of fun will be happening August 2nd through the 4th this year. It will be overlooking the awesome Chew Valley Lake near the Mendip Hills.

Bristol International Baloon Festival

The balloon fest releases 100 hot air balloons so they are in the air together. After dark, the balloons are tethered to the ground and the burners fire synchronized to music. There are also amusement rides and food available at the event. It will be August 8th through the 11th about 6 kilometers southwest of Bristol.

Bristol Hippodrome

This is a place that has special events happening year round. There are many different types of musicals and shows going on here. The place has concerts, Westend shows, ballet, children shows, and comedy. You will be able to find many different acts of your liking here.

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