Taxi drivers legal responsibilities explained


Whilst many hire taxis from A Taxis of Bristol every day in the City, many do not know the legal responsibilities of a taxi driver. To make passengers understand what to expect when they hire a taxi we’ve provided this handy guide to our legal obligations.

Taxi License

Before any driver is eligible to drive a taxi they must first hold a valid driving license for at least 12 months. If a driver holds a valid license and is over 18 they can then apply to local authorities. Many checks are carried out on drivers which include providing a medical certificate from a GP or doctor, a DVLA mandate and a knowledge test. A license is at the cost of £54 per year and may be paid for by the taxi firm rather than the driver if they are an employee.

When applying for a taxi license you must also abide by the rules stating that you must be a fit and proper person.  To be a fit and proper person you must pass a knowledge test on the rules and regulations of driving a taxi.

Often councils in England will run consultations every few years to get feedback from passengers and local businesses which can then be used to shape further regulations set by local authorities.

Responsibilities in the community

As well as their legal obligations when it comes to licensing, taxi drivers also have a responsibility in the community. They must obey the highway code and keep to speeding regulations at all times. Drivers must be competent at all times and provide excellent customer service to those entering and exiting a taxi as well as whilst in transit.

Taxi drivers must not discriminate against wheelchair users

New legislation introduced in April of this year states that taxi drivers cannot discriminate against wheelchair users. Drivers who do discriminate could face a fine of up to £1000 and risk having their license revoked. This includes not charging more for users in a wheelchair or denying them transport where they are seen to be using a wheelchair.

At A Taxis of Bristol we already treat our disabled passengers with the same care and attention that all passengers should expect to receive. We are equipped with a large fleet of wheelchair accessible taxis ready to serve across Bristol and the surrounding areas. Our staff are fully trained in assisting wheelchair users when entering and exiting the taxi, as well as keeping passengers safe and comfortable for the duration of their journey.


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