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Bristol has had quite a few news stories surrounding taxi drivers recently. From everything to a petrol fire to a hero driver, Bristol taxi companies have seen it all. Following are summaries of news stories involving taxi drivers and taxi services that directly affect the public.

Bristol Taxi Engulfed in Flames

A taxi, heading toward Pill on Abbots Leigh Road, went up in flames the night of May 3rd. The cause of the petrol fire is not yet clear, but eyewitness reports say leaked petrol caused the car to go up in flames. The taxi driver called emergency services at around 8:22 PM. The fire was affecting nearby poles, and emergency services had to use a high-powered jet hose to douse the flames. Thankfully, the driver did not suffer any injuries from the fire.

Toilet Scheme Forces Bristol Taxi and Bus Drivers Out of Workforce

Bristol City Council’s toilet scheme saves the city £440,000 but is the direct reason for a loss of public transportation workers. Taxi and bus workers need the loo, too, but access to open facilities has been a challenge since Bristol City Council did away with public toilets.

While local businesses and other organizations have opened their facilities to the public, the availability of toilets open outside of business hours is pushing some workers out of the public transportation sector. Drivers with health conditions that require the use of a toilet more frequently are the most concerned about the council’s money-saving strategy, but the Unite the Union regional officer, Malcolm Green said all his members are not thrilled with the lack of facilities.

Regardless, the council workers believe the scheme has provided greater access to toilets and are looking to expand the plan elsewhere.

Taxi Driver’s License is Revoked After Complaints of Inappropriate Behaviour

Erkan Kutuk, a taxi driver from Weston-super-Mare, has been barred from driving for North Somerset Council after several complaints about his behavior. Reports of inappropriate and aggressive behavior were reported, and after reviewing evidence, councilors decided Kutuk’s actions were not representative of providing a safe and comfortable experience for customers. Despite Kutuk appealing the decision, his license was officially revoked.

Taxi Driver Saves Life Savings of Elderly Customer

A Nailsea woman’s life savings are safe after her driver’s sharp intuition sent alarm bells saying something wasn’t quite right. Don Welby, a taxi driver, went above and beyond his job description when an elderly customer requested a ride to the bank to withdraw her entire life savings. After asking the woman a few clarifying questions, Welby notified the bank and the authorities. Thanks to this taxi driver’s kind act, one more vulnerable person is safe from fraud.

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