Back to School – Why Consider a Taxi for Your School Run in Bristol


Today, just like their parents, kids have hectic schedules – they have to attend school, football practice, ballet lessons, keep dentist appointments and after-school care. Moreover, this can leave the working parents with little time in between dropping off and picking up their children at different points. However, there is help for parents – a taxi service that does school runs.

Utilizing a kids’ taxi service in Bristol is something that can improve the lives of parents and children. Therefore, as your children go in for the new term, it’s recommended that you hire a school run taxi for the following benefits.

An Economic Means of Transportation

A taxi service is more affordable as opposed to driving your kids from one venue to the next. Such services also provide a comfy riding experience. These taxis are also fitted with child seats to accommodate children of all ages.


Kids’ taxi services are very flexible. Parents do not need to use their cars, the employer’s car or public transport. You can arrange with the taxi service to have your child taken from one point to another on a regular or urgent basis.

Professional companies offer their services throughout the day. They will also drive your child anywhere you want, providing you the flexibility of driving your car, without actually driving one. While you focus on your work at home or in the office, the taxi driver will make sure that your child gets to his or her destination comfortably and safely.

Public transport makes frequent stops to pick and drop passengers. This makes it an unviable option for the busy parent or kid who is running late for an appointment.

Time Saving Option

In addition to these benefits, hiring a kid’s taxi will help you save lots of energy and time. If you are driving your kids from one location to the next, you will be tired and stressed by the time you get back home or to the office. Besides, finding a parking spot is another challenge you could do away with, while public transportation is full of hassles.

Hiring a taxi School runs service allows you to save on energy, effort and time. Plus, the driver knows the neighbourhood routes, ensuring that your child gets to his or her destination in time.

How to Book a Taxi for School Runs

The process of registering your children for school runs with a taxi is simple. Once you have decided that A Taxis is for you, fill in the contact form on our website or call the us to schedule a meeting. During the meeting, complete the registration and emergency forms, and go over your kid’s schedule with the representative. And you are all set.

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