An Indepth Look into How Wheelchair Access Works in a Taxi


In 1966, Ralph Braun, who became disabled after succumbing to a debilitating disease during his childhood, created for his own use the first wheelchair lift. A wheelchair lift is an elevator designed to carry its occupants up and down in order to overcome a step or other vertical obstacle. Many wheelchair taxi companies use this type of lift for their taxis not only because they are easy to use, but to also provide comfortable and safe transport for their disabled passengers.

For persons with disabilities, getting to the places you need to go can be a difficult challenge. There are wheelchair taxi specialist companies like A Taxis of Bristol that are available to transport disabled passengers at any time of the day or night. Also, the driver will be trained in order to provide the best service possible. Do you feel as if your travels in a wheelchair taxi will be comfortable, and most importantly, safe?

Your Travels in a Wheelchair Taxi


First, the driver will exit the vehicle, open the passenger door and ensure that the door will remain open to ensure the passenger is assisted into the vehicle safely. Next, he will engage the ramp with a button or switch. The ramp will unfold from its storage position and become flush with the road (or walkway) and the vehicle. The passenger will be carefully guided onto the ramp and into the vehicle. Once inside the vehicle, the driver will make sure that the passenger is in the correct position.

The wheelchair will be secured inside the vehicle with straps, which look very similar to the seat belt that secures the passenger. These straps will be attached to the wheelchair by the driver and tightened to ensure they are securely in place. The driver may ask the passenger to help secure the seat belt. The lap belt must be low across the hips and under the arms of the wheelchair. The upper strap must travel diagonally across the passenger’s chest. Now that the passenger is safely secured inside the vehicle, the driver will ensure that he is comfortable before beginning the journey to the passenger’s destination. Upon arrival, the driver will assist the passenger in removing the seat belt and wheelchair straps. Finally, the driver will ensure safe exit out of the vehicle for the passenger. Wheelchair taxis offer safe and comfortable transportation to all disabled passengers, if you are in need of a disabled access taxi for hire then call us on 0117 3781212.

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